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About Us

A place for salt lovers to hang out

The Central Wisconsin Reef Society was started in June of 2011 by a small group of reef tank enthuiests that wanted a place to hang out with like minded people and share their love of salt and reef aquaria. This love brought us together and the group has expanded to become a federailly recognised non-profit orginisation, supporting member of MASNA, and host to an annual frag swap. Through all this we have never forgotton ourir roots and still regularly gather at various members houses to admire their tanks, talk fish, and expand our passion.

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Membership is for everyone

Membership in the Central Wisconsin Reef Society always has and always will be free. We started as a group to experience frienship and comradery amongst other hobbiests and you can never pay for friendship. However, if you wish to become a supporting member not only will you help keep the lights on but you will get some extra benifits just as a way for us to say thank you.

Exclusive Discounts

Central Wisconsin Reef Society has relationships with several local suppliers of both livestock and dry goods. As a supporting member you will get access to exclusive discounts and other promos from our friends.

Spare Equipment

Gear always seems to fail at the worst moment. We put together a ‘lending library’ of common equipment that any supporting member can check out if they need something to get them through the weekend.

Priority for Hosting

Want to show off that tank you’ve been working so hard on? Anyone can volinteer to host a meeting but as a supporting member you get first dibs on the perfect day for you and your tank. 

And more..

Our benifits are always changing and evolving. For a complete list contact us and let us know you are interested in joining our 


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We want to hear from you… no really we do! Did we forget to mention something? Do you want to know more? Do you have an idea or suggestion for our group? Let us know!